Our Company and People

Morzone Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is a boutique manufacturer of pharmaceutical and naturopathic medicines and treatments. The company is headed by John Morzone, who is eminently qualified and experienced as a Pharmaceutical Chemist, Naturopath and Iridologist. For more than 30 years, John Morzone has researched, developed, and produced the 'Marina' range of products.

Rather uniquely, most of the products boast a combination of conventional and traditional ingredients and proportions. This rare method of production was pioneered by John Morzone drawing upon the experience of European and Scandinavian countries. The company is very proud to stand behind the 'Marina' range of pharmaceutical and natural medicines. The company is very fortunate to have a very talented and dedicated team lead by John Morzone. We are a family.

We are committed to develop safe and effective products with a signature of excellence.

Our Products
The Marina Products can be broadly categorised into three main groups:

  • Retail medicinal range;
  • Retail skin and hair treatment range;
  • Practitioner range.

The retail medicinal range comprises of pharmaceutical and naturopathic products including the Mineral and Herb Bio-Complex range administered orally. Each product has been individually formulated for specific conditions. The products have been designed to maximise every facet of the body's absorption process. The use of naturopathic proportions utilise the excellent absorption capacity of the mouth.

The retail skin and hair range has been developed for external use. We always strive to keep ahead of ailments that are gradually becoming resistant to available treatments. This can be seen in our specially formulated lice repellant.

The practitioner range ("PC" range) is exclusively for the use of doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, and qualified health care professionals. These professional health practitioners are qualified to prescribe the products in the PC range in consultation with their patients, and in conjunction with prescription medicines (when appropriate).

All of the 'Marina' products comply with the rigorous requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to ensure your health and safety.


Sales .

  • Retail Sales: The retail medicinal range is available in all good pharmacies, health food stores, selected supermarkets, and internet. The retail skin and hair range is available in all good pharmacies, health food stores, selected supermarkets, and internet. You can also explore our Website and buy over the internet with the peace of mind that your transaction details are fully protected and safe
  • Practitioner Range: The PC range is available to your doctor, pharmacist, and naturopath. The products may be obtained in consultation with these qualified health care professionals.
  • Wholesale Sales: The 'Marina' range is available from major wholesalers for resale. All trade inquiries can be directed to us to ensure efficient and reliable supply.


Contact Us
Morzone Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd ACN 050 943 667

Business Address:
38 Barnes St., Earlville, CAIRNS QLD 4870, AUSTRALIA

Postal Address:
38 Barnes St., Earlville, CAIRNS QLD 4870, AUSTRALIA

Telephone 07 4054 6856
Facsimile 07 4033 2700



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Morzone Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
ACN 060 943 667 ABN 30 050 943 667
38 Barnes St., Earlville, CAIRNS, QLD 4870
Ph +61 7 4054 6856 Fax +61 7 4033 2700

Email: info@morzone.com.au